AQ Tech Tuesday – Save Time. Duplicate Projects.

Save Time. Duplicate Projects. Duplication is a great way to save time when creating new projects that share similar attributes to one already created. Inside of AQ, there are two ways to access the “Duplicate Project” option: 1) right click on a project or 2) click on the duplicate project button. Right Click Option: Click […]

AQ Tech Tuesday – Using "SubHeader" & "SubTotal"

Using “SubHeader” & “SubTotal” Using subheadings and subtotals are a great way to break out a project into sections. They honor your insertion point settings (found in the ribbon at the top of the project spreadsheet. i.e. “Insert Above Current Line”, “Insert Below Current Line” and “Insert As Last Item”. ) and are easy to […]

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – MAP / MRP Now Available!

MAP / MRP Now Available! Inside the “Mfr Settings” screen, you now have the ability to add in a percentage off of the list price for each manufacturer’s MAP / MRP requirements, along with a beginning and end date. Once updated, the price is then visible within the “Details” section of the “Catalog” screen and […]

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – Adding an Additional Total

Adding an Additional Total Inside the “Totals” section of the “Details” panel in AQ, you have the ability to add an additional total. You can label it as you like and include any amount. The added field will print on the bottom of reports along with the other totals. To subtract from the subtotal, you […]

Victory Visit a Winner for All

Victory Visit a Winner for All When Victory Refrigeration Sales Manager Rachel Keith walked into AutoQuotes offices in Jacksonville Florida, she expected to find a small staff and not much more. What she discovered instead was eye-opening. During her two-day visit, Keith was introduced to the company’s 60 employees working in catalog content, marketing, programming, […]

AutoQuotes Tech Tuesday – What is the Insertion Point?

What is the Insertion Point? The insertion point is the specific location, in a project spreadsheet, where products will be added. By default, the insertion point is set to “Insert as Last Item”. This option makes all added items go to the bottom of the spreadsheet. You can change the insertion point at any time […]