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Visualize your project with all the detailed information and technical requirements to provide the right solution for your customer. AQ Designer combines your quote, design and specification into one intuitive program.

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Design Smarter. Draw Faster. Quote Better.

Synchronize equipment and product data between your CAD drawing and AQ project. With AQ Designer, you can build your floor plan using our design tool and easily keep track of items and utilities with our tagging system.

  • Simplify utilities in your designs with our CAD library of simple standardized layers
  • Conveniently generate utility schedules and include them in any drawing
  • Supplement your AutoCAD experience and use AutoQuotes’ built in templates to create floor plans

Connect Your Quote

Function like a dedicated design house. Build a project and send it to your designers, who can then populate their AutoCAD drawings with symbols from AutoQuotes extensive library. Build a project using AQ and connect it to an AutoCAD drawing using AutoQuotes extensive library of symbols.

  • Eliminate costly mistakes and guarantee accuracy by linking AQ’s extensive product content to your drawings
  • Locate and zoom to specific blocks in a drawing with one click
  • Quickly identify missing equipment from AQ and add it to a drawing instantly

Connection between AQ and Designer

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If we didn't have the Designer side of AutoQuotes we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the clientele that we have. We have a large volume of business so I would say that it at least doubles our capacity.

- Tom Parker, President, GenX Consultants