AutoQuotes Newsletter May 2015

AQ and Order Status May 2015   Meet the AQ members of the FEDA Data Interchange (‘FDI’) team. They will be telling you about how far the FDI has come the last few months, and what to expect in the future. With their hard work, over 100 manufacturers are now participating. Learn more here. FDI Progress…

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Price List Updates for June 2015

Allied Metal Spinning ANETS Blodgett Combi Blodgett Oven Blodgett Range Blodgett Steam Champion Canada Cres Cor Canada John Boos Johnson-Rose Johnson-Rose Canada Magikitch’n Perfect Fry Company Pinch Pitco Frialator Royal Doulton Royal Doulton Canada Royal Range of California Sammic Canada Tableware Solutions Canada Unic USA Update International Wedgwood Wedgwood Canada Winholt Equipment

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