About Us

AutoQuotes is a leading technology company for the foodservice equipment and supplies (FES) industry

AutoQuotes offerings include our configure, price, quote (CPQ) software with exclusive online catalog; design applications; and other products and solutions. Established in 1990 and located in Jacksonville, Fla., the family-owned company serves customers throughout North and South America. Additionally, AutoQuotes is the parent company of CaterQuotes, a West Midlands, U.K.-based technology company that delivers similar products and solutions to U.K. and European markets.

Our mission:

AutoQuotes helps information flow in the FES industry, in order to make foodservice design, sales and marketing tasks more efficient

From our CEO – Susannah Albright


For those of you who publish in AutoQuotes – our manufacturers – and those who subscribe to AutoQuotes – our dealers, reps, consultants and designers – we’re proud of the trust you’ve placed in us. We’ve moved the Food Service Equipment and Supplies (FES) industry forward through technology leadership.

AutoQuotes brings together more than 900,000 products and accessories from 550 manufacturers to more than 18,000 subscribers, who use the AQ Catalog to search, filter, compare and ultimately produce more than 3 million quotes annually. Our subscribers use AQ Analytics to understand and analyze their quoting activity, and AQ OrderStatus to track shipments and deliveries. Meanwhile, consultants and designers are creating powerful kitchen designs – more than 10,000 a year – with our AQ Design Solutions, with the ability to interactively share data between designs and quotes.

Staying true to the vision of AutoQuotes founder Kent Motes, we’ll continue to be committed to our role as an innovative solutions provider to the industry. It’s a responsibility we take very seriously.
– Susannah Albright

Meet the Team

AutoQuotes, Inc. is a company like no other. We truly know the meaning of a corporation – a group acting together as a single entity. Every person who works here is an invaluable part of the larger body, and our diversity gives strength to the whole. We invite you to meet our team.


AutoQuotes – An Industry Standard

AutoQuotes Founder Kent Motes parlayed more than a decade of knowledge gained at his family’s foodservice equipment dealership into a software product that revolutionized the way professionals display, quote and sell foodservice equipment and supplies.

Prior to AutoQuotes, dealers and manufacturer reps carted around dozens of catalogs filled with product information that was often limited and difficult to locate quickly. Motes saw a better way. He collected product data electronically and developed an application that allowed dealers to search a digital catalog, select items and automatically generate a quote.

Today, using AutoQuotes is a standard way of doing business. Job descriptions often require a knowledge of the AQ software, and industry associations consistently include AutoQuotes information in their publications.

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