AutoQuotes – The Evolution of an Industry Standard

AutoQuotes Founder Kent Motes parlayed more than a decade of knowledge gained at his family’s foodservice equipment dealership into a software product that has revolutionized the way professionals display, quote and sell foodservice equipment and supplies.

For Motes, it was all about improving efficiency – using technology to accomplish what had traditionally been a cumbersome manual process. In the early days, dealers and manufacturer reps carted around dozens of catalogs filled with product information that often was limited and difficult to locate quickly.

Motes saw a better way. He began working with manufacturers to collect product data electronically and developed an application that allowed dealers to search the catalog, select items and automatically generate a quote that could be sent to customers. No more bulky catalogs; no wasted time flipping through pages of product information for accessories, and wondering which accessory matched which item. It was all available online – only a few keystrokes needed.
The evolution of AutoQuotes and the AQ software is noteworthy – Motes developed the idea into a DOS-based application while working out of a hotel room in Jacksonville, Florida in 1990. At first the product and updates were regularly distributed to customers via floppy disks. In 1997, CDs replaced the floppy disks, and in 2001, DVDs replaced the CDs. AutoQuotes moved its product to the cloud in 2009.

Today, AutoQuotes boasts an online catalog that includes more than 900,000 products and accessories from more than 550 manufacturers. Dealers and reps can find and compare products and generate quotes quickly with the AQ software. The AutoQuotes software suite also includes AQ Designer, a product that gives consultants and dealers direct access to product specifications for kitchen designs and AQ OrderStatus, an order status tracking feature accessible from the AQ application.

For FES professionals who have just recently joined the industry, AutoQuotes is a standard way of doing business. Job descriptions often require a knowledge of the AQ software, and industry associations consistently include AutoQuotes information in their publications.

As the company moves into its second quarter-of-a-century, it has no plans of slowing down. The FES industry can expect AutoQuotes to continue pushing the envelope and looking for new and better solutions for sales and design professionals to grow and succeed.

Meet The Team

AutoQuotes, Inc. is a company like no other. The same flame of innovation that led to our formation over 26 years ago still burns strong. Anyone who has the chance to visit our headquarters in Jacksonville, FL instantly recognizes that there is something unique about the way we do business. At AutoQuotes, we truly know the meaning of a corporation. Every person who works here is an invaluable part of the larger body, but it is our diversity that gives us strength. While you may be familiar with AutoQuotes the company, that is only a name. We invite you to get to know the unique individuals who give that name value.

Meet The Team