Go Beyond Paper Catalogs

AQ lets you provide quotes, specifications, CAD symbols, media and more – directly to your customers. Gain insight into your internal and external sales activities using our integration tools and reduce the burden on your customer service department all in one application. You can also use AQ to train new employees not familiar with the foodservice industry.

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Achieve Global Exposure

Put your products in front of more than 18,000 foodservice industry professionals

Up to Date Product Information

Ensure that your product data is always up-to-date and readily accessible by your customers

Deliver Dynamic Information

Reduce your printing costs and reach more customers by publishing in in the AQ Catalog

Gain Quoting Insight

Integrate your back-end systems with AQ to report on sales activity

Honestly I don’t use manufacturers that aren’t publishing. If somebody calls me for a quote and says that they just want a grill, I’ll go to AutoQuotes and we have our preferred vendors that we use.

- Tammy Saul, Director of Sales Administration, ISI Commercial Refrigeration

I enjoy working with AutoQuotes because I know that our information is in good hands. AutoQuotes enables us to be part of a larger food equipment marketplace and to play on a level playing field where customers can make the right decision.

- Mike Baxter, Marketing Coordinator, Belshaw Adamatic

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Free up your Customer Service Team with AQ OrderStatus

Give your customer service team the tools they need to focus on inquiries that require a human touch. OrderStatus is a free feature within AQ that lets you give your customers instant access to their order tracking information. By providing this information online, your customer service team can spend less time tracking orders and more time solving complex problems.

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Quickly Access and Share Information

Make your quotes in depth and find the exact product you need. Tweak your manufacturer settings to regulate company wide discounts, preferred manufacturers, manufacturer specific pricing and other controls. Create product guides, spec books and other reports with your customers all while using AQ.

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Filter Through the Noise

Easily track and apply discounts for your customers on a manufacturer by manufacturer basis

Establish your preferred manufacturers so the most relevant products show up first with AutoQuotes’ Manufacturer settings

Make the World Your Office

Access the catalog, your projects, spec sheets and other reports all on your mobile device

Easily Share Your Quotes and Bids

Share one project or all of your projects with colleagues using the “Share” feature within AQ.

Eliminate manual entry and export projects directly into a manufacturer’s ERP system.

Guarantee Accuracy

Quickly identify inaccurate pricing or product information.

Update your projects with a simple click of the mouse

Before I started using AutoQuotes, it was going through countless amounts of spec books and catalogs to find a certain item, a lot of wasted time with busy work.

- Nick Schoenfeld, Bauer Marketing Group

For all of our new associates we let them know that AutoQuotes is part of each and every sales call. It's not an option. Every day we open our laptops and we open AutoQuotes.

- Patrick Pantano, Principal, Pantano and Pinilla Agency

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Give Your Team the Competitive Edge with the AQ Catalog

AutoQuotes’ extensive online products Catalog allows you to research over 900,000 products and accessories to find the perfect kitchen solution for your customers. The AQ Catalog is the go-to guidebook for sales research, price verification, equipment, specification and education about our Industry.

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Expedite Quotes and Information to Your Clients

Using AQ, you have the power to deliver quotes and information to your customers that will blow away their expectations. Curated from over 550 manufacturers, our catalog features the most extensive and accurate gathering of products & details in the industry. Combine that with the order tracking prowess of AQ OrderStatus and you have all of the tools that you need to create a great customer experiences repeatedly.

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Custom Reporting

Control discounts, markups, freight rates, preferred vendors and more to ensure consistent quoting for you and your sales team. Export project information into your own ERP and CRM systems.

Stay Connected

Access your projects from your computer, tablet, phone or any mobile device 24/7.

Accurate Information

Search thousands of products with the most up-to-date information including spec sheets, photos and automated accessory configurations.

I think AutoQuotes is a top notch company. They've really taken this quoting software to the highest industry standard. There's no one else that is even close. As far as our industry is concerned, it's probably the only way to go.

- David Scott, Project Manager, F.G. Schaefer Company

I think we’re one of the larger distributors in the country. So having some unique things that fit our need has been a challenge over the years but whenever we have presented those challenges back to AutoQuotes they have been able to help us tremendously.

- Craig Welborn, Director of Internet Sales, Bargreen Ellingson

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Take Your Quotes to the Next Level

Breathe new life into your quoting and sales process by providing your customers with detailed product guides, customizable reports and fliers, images and spec sheets. Seamlessly synchronize quotes and architectural designs by using the Catalog’s thousands of CAD drawings in your floor plans.

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Spec a Job and Share Information with Customers – In One Place

Spend more time designing and less time searching for spec sheets. The AQ Catalog contains detailed specifications, standardized plan and elevation CAD symbols along with a growing library of Revit families. The Catalog’s extensive product data lets you quickly and accurately generate spec books, utilities schedules, and other documents to share with your customers.

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Create Spec Books for Entire Projects

Compile and export spec sheets for large projects with the click of a button. AQ’s customizable reports allow you quickly put together detailed documentation to submit to clients, engineers, and architects.

Create Detailed Utility Schedules

Generate utility schedules in AutoCAD directly from a project with AQ Designer. Let AQ Designer fill in the details for you. Everything comes from AutoQuotes’ trusted catalog so you can be sure that everything from dimensions and voltage to plumbing and HVAC will be on point.

Focus on All of Your Customers

Take more time focusing on your client and less time sifting through specs and compiling documentation. AQ coupled with AQ Designer allows you to cut down on hours spent struggling with user interfaces and increase hours spent interfacing with your clients.

If we didn't have the Designer side of AutoQuotes we wouldn’t be able to keep up with the clientele that we have. We have a large volume of business so I would say that it at least doubles our capacity.

- Tom Parker, President, GenX Consultants

I would say that JLR and AutoQuotes moving forward in the future will help us much in the way of integrating our own office into Revit and continuing the ease of use that comes from the equipment information that AutoQuote provides.

- Garrett Lennon, Principle Owner, JLR Design Group

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Eliminate errors and increase efficiency using the latest AQ Designer software.

AQ Designer is a CAD solution that combines your quote, design and specification into one intuitive program. Designer gives you the ability to:

  • Synchronize projects and AutoCAD drawings
  • Search AQ’s extensive CAD library for standardized symbols
  • Add and Link CAD Symbols from the AQ Catalog into AutoCAD floor plans

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