From our CEO – February 2018

It’s no secret that the FES Industry is undergoing a lot of change. It’s a very dynamic place right now. There are significant market trends impacting you, our customers, which in turn will impact us as well. Staying on top of these marketplace trends and helping you continue to be successful will be the focus for AutoQuotes in 2018.

This year, we plan to build on the product rollouts of 2017, which were based upon input and suggestions we collected from you, along with our own industry and technical expertise. For our AQ Catalog users, you now have a more visual and efficient user experience with our new card view. You’re also able to analyze your quoting activity the way you need to run your business with AQ Analytics, which lets you pull data directly from your AQ projects. You also now have a way to search by the dimensions of a product, for instance, if you have a certain space you need to fill with replacement equipment.

For vendors that publish in the AQ Catalog, we ran very successful Content Review Workshops, in which manufacturers visited our headquarters to go over best practices to optimize their products’ presence in the Catalog. For consultants and designers, 2017 saw an updated AQ Design Solutions suite of products that helps you marry design and quoting to save time.

Finally, with your data safety always in mind, we keyed in on industry best practices in security – adding new account security as well as successfully passing our SOC2 Type 1 audit, the emerging standard for certifying that a data provider can be trusted as a secure hosting company.

In the coming months, we will again focus on your user experience. New products will include AQ SKU, a way for users of the AQ Catalog to import and see their inventory while quoting in AQ. This will streamline the quoting process by allowing dealers and reps to add, search and quote from one place. We also hope to have announcements later this year about an improved user interface across all computers and devices.

Manufacturers will have new ways to present information in the AQ Catalog that increase their products’ visibility. We are going to tweak our Content Review Workshops to be even more customized to a vendor’s specific needs. We will be releasing a comprehensive vendor reference guide to help publishing vendors with everything AQ they might need to know. And you will see integrations with other industry software vendors making the lives of reps and manufacturers easier.

Consultants and designers will see new efficiencies and enhanced 3-D functionalities with updates and new products in our AQ Design Solutions suite.

Those are only the things I can tell you about now. Rest assured we are exploring many avenues for ongoing enhancements and new solutions to help you be successful.

We’re looking forward to serving the entire FES industry in 2018.

– Susannah Albright