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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get AQ GO?

You can search for AQ GO on the Apple App Store for Apple/iOS devices and Google Play Store for Google/Android devices.

Does it cost anything to download AQ GO?

No – The application is included with your AQ license.

What if I cannot find AQ GO in the App Store/Play Store?

If you are having trouble finding AQ GO, enter “AQ GO” or “AutoQuotes” in the search field.
If the app is not appearing in the App Store/Play Store please make sure your device meets the minimum Operating System (OS) requirements.

Does my device support AQ GO?

The minimum iOS requirements for iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad are iOS 11.2 or later.
The minimum Android OS requirements for Android Phone and Tablet are OS 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later.

Do I need a new license or credentials to access AQ GO?

No – If you already have an active AQ license you can log into the app with your current AQ login credentials.

Do any changes I make to projects or quotes in the mobile app update in the desktop app?

Yes – all edits and updates made in the app will be reflected when you view those projects and quotes in the desktop version of AQ and vice versa.

What features are in AQ GO?

AQ GO is an on-the-go companion app to the AQ desktop application. AQ GO offers most of the capability of the AQ desktop version including searching, filtering and browsing the product catalog, creating and managing projects and sending quotes/reports.

Are all my account settings set in the desktop version of AQ set in the mobile app?

AQ GO is a companion app to the AQ Desktop application but not all settings will be inherited from desktop to mobile. Changes to “My Settings” and to your Projects will be inherited. Admin settings must be set from the AQ desktop version.

Can I access OrderStatus using the AQ mobile app?

The current version of AQ GO does not include OrderStatus. You can continue to access OrderStatus through the AQ desktop application.

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